We are Alexandra & William, French twins and Indie games makers.
We joined forces to conquer the world or just make games that make people feel better.
Our name comes from our passion for space, that's why our first STARDUST Tarot is based on this theme.
If you want to know us, all that we are is in this deck.
Personal development is one of the foundations for the launch of our company, it has allowed us to see the world differently and to have the bravery to follow our dreams.
We wanted to give back to the universe what it has brought us and to be able to help others who were wondering about their own lives.
our story
In 2018, we were looking for a way to work together and combine our skills and passions.
The idea of doing a KICKSTARTER has always been on the horizon, but what to do ?
Our grandmother used to draw the cards for us when we were younger and we wanted to pay homage to her in this creation.
One year later and two funded campaigns, we have created STARDUST a minimalist Tarot Deck and its pocket version STARDUST mini.
The next step is to create original boardgames so that people can spend a moment of happiness together.
But don't worry, we will continue to create different divination tools so that you can find answers.