STARDUST FORTUNE is a unique divination tool that brings a fresh and exciting twist to the ancient art of fortune-telling.

    Our space-inspired design features a high-quality coin that is both visually striking and easy to use. With a minimalist aesthetic that captures the beauty and mystery of the universe. Making it the perfect accessory for anyone seeking guidance and clarity from the cosmos.

    The coin is small and compact, making it easy to carry with you, so you can access the wisdom of the universe at any time.

    It features two sides, each with its own unique meaning based on two tarot cards, THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE and THE CHARIOT, which represent a different aspect of your fortune, allowing you to easily understand the messages.

    To use STARDUST FORTUNE, simply hold the coin in your hand and ask a question. Then, toss the coin and have a quick yes or no answer.

    With STARDUST FORTUNE, you can gain insight into any situation and make decisions with confidence.

    It's a beautiful addition to your collection. 

    Nature of the coin :

    • Material : Iron
    • Size : 30 mm
    • Thickness : 2 mm
    • Text on the coin : STARDUST FORTUNE . ASK THE UNIVERSE
    Tarot readings can provide insight and guidance, but it's important not to get too attached to a specific outcome. Remember that every situation is dynamic and there is always the potential for growth and change, so keep an open mind and trust that there is always a solution. It's up to you to take action and create the future you desire.