STARDUST mini Tarot is our second project funded on KICKSTARTER, it’s a new version of our previous deck in pocket size. You can now take your minimalist tarot everywhere with you.
The deck is a Rider-Waite and has a French suite with its original meaning as in the original STARDUST, like our grandmother used to read the cards.
Our goal is to connect people with the universe so everyone can find answers to their questions everywhere and anytime.
STARDUST mini Tarot is composed of :
– 79 cards designed in FRANCE
– 22 Major Arcana
– 56 Minor Arcana, 4 suits of 14 cards each (wands-diamonds, cups-hearts, swords-spades, pentacles-clubs)​
– 1 French translation card
– 44 × 68 mm
– A rigid box
There is no guidebook included as we want everyone to create a unique connection with their deck and make their own personal meaning of the cards.