STARDUST minimalist Tarot

STARDUST minimalist Tarot is a tarot on the theme of space with a touch of minimalism.
This is our first project funded on KICKSTARTER, we wanted to create a deck as a homage to our grandmother who used to draw us cards when we were kids.
The deck is a Rider Waite tarot but we wanted to keep the suites (heart - diamonds - spades - clubs) in the French tradition to put our origins in it.
Because of translations, the original sequences have lost their signification, and the club no longer has its meaning as a currency and has been exchanged with the diamond. The club represents prosperity in France since about the 14th century because the coins were struck with a "trilobe" or club. For the wand and the diamond, when the sticks are crossed in the Tarot de Marseille, they represent a "losange" or diamond. In France the diamond is called "carreau" it is crossbow's arrow that has no relationship with wealth.​
STARDUST Minimalist Tarot is composed of :
– 79 cards designed in FRANCE
– 22 Major Arcana
– 56 Minor Arcana, 4 suits of 14 cards each (cups-hearts, wands-diamonds, swords-spades, pentacles-clubs)
– 1 French translation card
– 70 × 120 mm
– 1 rigid box
There is no guidebook included, we want everyone to create their own connection with their deck.