STARDUST Tarot Dice is a set of 13 black dice (1,6mm) with silver glitters inside and white engravings, symbols on 6 sides totalling all 78 tarot cards. The set will come with an explanation booklet, a black pouch and a rigid box.
This is our third project on KICKSTARTER, we want to give you the possibility to read your Tarot differently.
Divination has been done in all sorts of forms over the years, STARDUST Tarot Dice is a new approach to tarot. Something to explore that offers simple to use and to the point readings. It is a partner you can keep alongside with you for many years.
We've transposed the STARDUST universe into these dice, we have retouched some symbols to make them even more minimalist so that it fits on the dice. You have the universe at your fingertips.
We recommend this 3 ways to read the dice according to your preferences :
- Take one dice from the pouch at the time and roll them for a spread.
- Take several dice, roll all of them together and read them from left to right (we recommend 3 for a easy read).
- Take one dice from the pouch and roll it, note it down. Then put it back in the pouch and start over. This method enhances the probability to have every side of the tarot. If you fall back on the same side, it is up to you to choose, either to throw it again or to take it into account, but your choice must be made before the throw.
Dice takes different practical applications than Tarot cards, however divination is what you make of it. With time you’ll start thinking up many uses for these dice with objectivity and intuition.