STARDUST MINI TAROT is the perfect deck for anyone looking to connect with the universe on the go. It is a modern version of the ancient tarot tradition, bringing a fresh and dynamic twist to the divination experience.

The pocket-sized design of STARDUST MINI TAROT means you can easily take it with you wherever you go, perform readings anywhere and anytime, gaining insight and guidance from the universe. Making it the perfect companion for your daily Tarot readings.

The deck is a Rider-Waite Tarot but with the suites (wands-diamonds, cups-hearts, swords-spades, pentacles-clubs) like in the French tradition. It’s an homage to our grandmother who used to draw us cards when we were kids and great source of inspiration for our work.

The deck is composed of 79 cards (44 × 68 mm) :

Additional Information

Tarot readings can provide insight and guidance, but it's important not to get too attached to a specific outcome. Remember that every situation is dynamic and there is always the potential for growth and change.

So keep an open mind and trust that there is always a solution. It's up to you to take action and create the future you desire.


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